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Wany Robotics provides embedded software technologies and electronic designs for creating consumer products such as robot vacuum cleaners, home surveillance robots and interactive toys.

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PekeeII gets ahead of the crowd

For more than one decade, Wany Robotics has been a major innovative actor of the Robotics Market. From expert applications to mass market manufacturing, Wany Robotics is a world-leading provider of products and solutions. In May 2008, Wany Robotics officially launches PekeeII robot, the second generation of multi-purpose mobile robots for Education and Industry. PekeeII and associated hardware, software and services are available for purchase on a dedicated online store.

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PekeeII is now available with an absolute localization system.: StarGazer.

PekeeII is now available with an absolute localization system.StarGazer, from the Korean manufacturer Hagisonic has been integrated into the PekeeII mobile platform, giving the ability to the users to localize the robot with accuracy of 2cm in a known indoor environment.
Learn more on StarGazer and PekeeII.

PekeeII available for USA and North America with RoadNarrows Robotics

USA FlagIn order to provide best class service and support, Wany Robotics and RoadNarrows Robotics entered a partnership in order to make PekeeII available for North American users. The RoadNarrows Robotics team will be the main point of contact for US and other North American customers wanting to use PekeeII for their research and education projects.
Learn more on the partnership between Wany Robotics and RoadNarrows Robotics.

IROS'08 call to project results

AwardAt the occasion of the 2008 edition of the Intelligent and RObotic Systems (IROS) hold in Nice France in last september, Wany Robotics issued a call to project aiming to award an academic institution (educational or research) with a fully featured PekeeII robot.
See the 5 finalists and the winning project.

Upgrade your PekeeI
Pekee silver mobile robot

If you own one or several Pekee robots of previous generations, you can purchase PekeeII as a PekeeII upgrade package for PekeeI ! Don't miss the opportunity to get a new robot at an outstanding price.

Pekee orange mobile robot
Custom engineering services for tomorrow's products

WanyRobotics offers a wide range of services from product development to product industrialization capabilities. We can satisfy your design and logistic needs with a team of highly skilled managers, engineers and technicians having decades of experience in industrialization process. Utilizing state of the art technologies, our staff can respond rapidly and efficiently to your requests and bring your product from concept to realization.

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