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Artificial Intelligence

Wany Robotics embedded solutions for your interactive products

Wany Robotics software brings artificial intelligence
to mass market products, giving manufacturers
unprecedented potential to provide new levels
of innovation and differentiation.

Computer and software technology has reached a point where you, as a manufacturer, can give electronic products and applications more autonomous behavioral functionality than ever before.

Mass-market implementation of most artificial intelligence models is limited by the substantial processing power and memory they require. Not only that, but pre-programmed behavior used in most toys today limits the learning ability of those toys, and offers nothing new in terms of adaptive intelligence.

Artificial intelligence software by Wany Robotics overcomes these barriers. Now even the lowest-BOM products can dynamically register outside events, humand interaction, and changes in their surroundings, and automatically react accordingly. Now your interactive products, toys, cleaning appliances,

of “motivation” and “well being” to traditional models, and by adapting its algorithms to run in systems with extreme resource constraints and at the lowest possible cost.


  • Instinct Software adds unprecedented personality traits to electronic products and robotic devices
  • It is based on psychological and sociological studies rather than pure math and entirely pre-programmed systems
  • Instinct Software adds dimensions of “motivation” and “well-being” to traditional machine behavior parameters
  • Innovative algorithms in Instinct Software significantly reduce system overhead, making it suitable for low-cost mass-market products
  • Scalable from 1 MHz to multiple GHz chipsets
  • May be adapted to many kinds of products


  • Behavioral autonomy in toys and educational games
  • Consumer electronics
  • Personal robots


Technology focus: Instinct Software

Robots that are mobile and have the ability to express themselves through sounds and physical movement are expected to be able to exhibit man-machine interaction modes that are varied yet natural. In addition, these robots need to present behavior that makes sense to the humans around them. This requires technology that is able to remember, interpret, and calculate its own logical path through time. That is the role of Instinct Software.

A robot that is equipped with Instinct Software offers behavior that makes sense, in which we can interpret the robot's intentions in the same way as we can analyze human behavior. Not only that, but the behavior evolves and remains appropriate over time - behavior is not random since the robot remembers what it's done and learns from experience. Robots running Instinct Software can react reasonably and coherently, but not so predictably as to be sterile and uninteresting.

Lastly, though artificial intelligence is considered as “robotics software”, there is no reason why we cannot use it in devices that do not have wheels, motors, and articulated limbs. Instinct Software adds a new dimension to the thinking processes used in any computer, with or without autonomous mobility, such as handheld computers, cell phones, and even desktop computers.


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