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WanyRobotics offers a wide range of services from product development to product industrialization capabilities. We can satisfy your design and logistic needs with a team of highly skilled managers, engineers and technicians having decades of experience in industrialization process. Utilizing state of the art technologies, our staff can respond rapidly and efficiently to your requests and bring your product from concept to realization. WanyRobotics offers the following wide range of services from product development to industrialization:

Wany Robotics helps you launch new products on your market

We offer five different services which can be used separately or jointly according to your project needs.

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#1-Project Early Stages:
Wany assist you at the beginning of your project. This includes feasibility study, design & engineering studies, initial cost validation, early stage prototypes (proof of concept...). All these validation to be done according to your product definition. More ...
#2-Pre-Industrialization Process:
Wany acts like a part of your own team, and develop for you the various prototypes needed to bring your product to successful production. We divide a project into a minimum of 3 phases of prototyping for the electronic & software design and, 2 for the mechanical & plastic design. More...
#3-Industrialization Management:
WanyRobotics helps you to manage the industrialization process of your product. We provide extensive expertise and experience in the production of consumer products as well as an access to a large network of manufacturers. We help select among factories and various OEM manufacturers in China the most appropriate to fit your production needs and target costs. We manage and control tightly the launch of the first micro-series, production Pilot run and mass production of your product. We also oversee the packaging, user manual, and all other marketing aspects of the product necessary during industrialization process. More...
#4-Quality Control:
If you want to launch and manage a production in China, quality control is paramount. To ensure a successful production the quality control has to be done by qualified persons. We can do it for you. More...
#5-Logistic of Delivery :
According to your preferences, we can arrange delivery of your production on Hong-Kong Free On Board (FOB) or directly delivered duty paid (DDP) to the final destination. We can work according to any Incoterms 2000. We directly deal for you with the shipping companies and customs administration. More...


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