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Wany Robotics: your solution partner.

We can help you to deliver exciting new products

You want to launch a production but you need some support. Wany Robotics with its office in Hong-Kong and an extensive experience in management of product industrialization in China can help you. Our expertise covers prototyping design including electronic, software and/or mechanical parts, and overall management of product industrialization in China for our customers.

Wany Robotics can particularly help you in the following cases:

  • If you are the person in charge of the marketing of a project and you wish to launch on the market a very new innovative product but you do not dispose enough teams, or enough capabilities to finish your project,
  • If you are an inventor and you wish to set up the pre-industrialization and mass production of your invention without knowing how you can do it efficiently
  • If you wish to launch productions in Asia but you do not know how to make it nor have the necessary contacts in this precise field,
  • If you selected a product made in Asia and that you wish to import to France but do not have the network or necessary knowledge to do so.

Don’t miss the chance to be a market leader in your field and do make things happen thanks to our support!


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