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Pre-Industrialization Process:

We can help you to make all your Pre-Industrialisation Prototypes

Wany Robotics designs the prototypes according to your marketing description and product requirements. Wany Robotics divides typical projects into a minimum of three phases of prototyping, at least for the electronic, software, and 2 for the mechanical and plastic design. The first prototype is called Development Prototype or Pilot (DP), the second prototype is called Engineering Prototype or Pilot (EP) and the last phase of development leads to the Final Engineering Prototype or Pilot (FEP).

Our Usual Prototyping Process
  • Development Prototype (DP): This first prototype is aimed to bring answers to the customer without looking at design, shape and industrial components. It is purely a development prototype aiming to rapidly show the functionalities specified in the product requirements. At this stage, the software is in early phase of development.
  • Mechanical Prototype (MP): This fist Mechanical Prototype is the mechanical design mock up; The mechanical plans are close to being finalized, so is the design.
  • Engineering Prototype (EP): This Engineering Prototype is the working prototype where electronics and software is implemented within the MP. It demonstrates the advanced function of the product. This prototype typically has all the required features, and will allow demonstrating the concept internally and to potential customers. Most often, the software is still on OTP (One Time Programming) chips.
  • Final Mechanical Prototype (FMP): This final mechanical design mock up is made in order to develop the Final Engineering Prototype. Wany Robotics will develop it taking into account any feedback on the First Mechanical Prototype and any outstanding issues, including errors, which must be resolved in the Final Prototype. The Mechanical plans are frozen, and the design is exactly the one which will be used in the final product.
  • Final Engineering Prototype (FEP): Wany Robotics develops the Final Engineering Prototype with the final plastic housing (FMP). This prototype validates all designs and functions before production. The Software is frozen ready for production and masking process.

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