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Research and Development

Benefit from best European research organizations for key technologies.

Robotic research has always been the foundation of Wany Robotics and our research Team's mission is to provide the innovation that drives the company's technologies forward. By leveraging partnerships with industry, government research organizations, and the European's top universities, our customers are guaranteed that the best solution technology can be offered with the expertise to take that solution from theoretical research to practical and useful applications.

Wany is involved in different Research Consortiums

Wany Robotics is a kind of spin off from the robotics department of the LIRMM and is involved in research with robotics purpose since the beginning of the company.


2006, European Research Consortium PERPLEXUS

Perplexus Consortium WebSite

"Pervasive computing framework for modeling complex virtually-unbounded systems", European Research Consortium FP6.

- Contract No 034632, Specific Targeted Research Project.

- Consortium coordinator: HEIG-VD (Switzerland).

The consortium's team of PERPLEXUS designs and develops a scalable hardware platform made of custom reconfigurable devices endowed with bio-inspired capabilities that will enable the simulation of large-scale complex systems and study of emergent complex behaviors in a virtually unbounded wireless network of computing modules. The final infrastructure will be used as a simulation tool for three applications: neurobiological modeling, culture dissemination modeling, and cooperative collective robotics using embedded neuronal network implemented in hardware. The Perplexus platform will provide a novel modeling framework thanks to the pervasive nature of the hardware platform, its bio-inspired capabilities, its strong interaction with the environment, and its dynamic topology.

- Consortium members : HEIG-VD (Switzerland), UPC (Spain), UJF (France), UNIL (France), TUL (Poland), Lirmm-Cnrs (France), Wany Robotics (France), Sciprom (Switserland).


2004-2006, European Research Consortium HEBE

Robotics development tools for educators and researchers

"Mobile Monitoring and Automatic Fall Detection Device for Ederly People living alone", European Research Consortium FP6.

- Contract No COOPT- CT-2004-005935, Co-operative Research Projects.

- Consortium coordinator: Fatronik (spain).

By means of this biannual project a mechanism for the detection of falls and the monitoring of the activity of the elderly has been developed. Indeed, according to the statistics, 30% of elderly people have a fall at least once every year and falls are responsible for 70% of accidental deaths in persons over 75. Taking these figures into account, it was concluded that an effective system for the detection of falls would drastically improve the quality of life amongst the elderly. The targets of this research were to increase safety, to "relax" the elderly person's environment, to enhance the possibilities of elderly people living alone and to enable normal activity amongst the elderly without limitations or fears. The basic requirements put forward were ease of use (user-friendly), portability, discreet design and minimum discomfort and annoyance for the end user. The system developed by the consortium team of HEBE is able to distinguish between static and dynamic movements and send periodically data of user's activity via GSM.

- Consortium members : Fatronik (spain), Net Technologies ltd (Greece), Ingema (spain), IKnowHow (Greece), Wany Robotics (France), Com Y Media (Spain), Lirmm-CNRS (France), Zenon (Greece).


2004, European Union Feder and Anvar founded project:

Project funded by the European union

"An autonomous windows cleaning robot for home use", Anvar and Feder co-funded project.

- Contract No A 04 04 044 J

- Project coordinator : Wany Robotics (France).

The project WinClean is a R&D and pre-industrialization project of Wany Robotics and funded by the Anvar (Agence Nationale pour la Valorisation de la Recherche, now called OSEO Innovation) and the European Union through the FEDER fund. The purpose of this project was to develop an autonomous micro mobile robot targeting the consumer market.

Addressing the consumer market space with such a robot needed to develop new sensors and new technologies in order to achieve several goals goals:

  • To investigate and develop different technologies allowing to achieve a robot able to evolve on a wet soapy windows and to clean it.
  • To localize the robot while the cleaning tasks are performed.
  • To get a good power efficiency for the best battery life.
  • To develop a product with the optimal production cost / efficiency ratio.

A dedicated task force of experts in both marketing and engineering areas spent several month investigating into the marketing and technical aspects of the projects.

More information about the winclean project

2002-2004, French Governement Research Consortium WACIF

Robotics Software Development

"Indoor Navigation of a Wheeled Mobile Robot along Visual Routes", French Governement Research Consortium RNTL2002.

- Contract No 02 V 0255, National Network of Software Technologies Projects.

- Consortium coordinator : Wany Robotics (France).

The project WACIF was an "exploratory development" project from the French government national network of software technologies (RNTL for Réseau National des Technologies Logicielles). The work completed by the consortium consisted in:

  • to study and to carry out a general mass market application ensuring the remote presence in a home environment using a mobile robot. This application is build up with embedded software on the robot and home automation communication system connecting by WiFi network the robot software and the remote presence terminal.
  • to extend this robot capabilities allowing it the monitoring of abnormal likely events, located in home environment, thanks to the image processing resulting from an omnidirectional camera. This application is build up with robot embedded software, home automation terminal software for the interface between the family and the robot, and a PC monitoring terminal software. The robot is able to carry out, in an autonomous way, rounds for home monitoring. It is able to locate itself by an original video control method using an image resulting from a camera looking the ceiling. It can, in addition, react to unexpected event and avoid the various unforeseen obstacles which could obstruct it in the execution of its mission.
  • to carry out an operational demonstrator to study and to test the rate of acceptance of this type of applications in classical home environment.
When running autonomously, the robot developed by the team of the consortium WACIF is controlled by a visual servoing law adapted to its nonholonomic constraint. Based on the regulation of successive homographies, this control guides the robot along the reference visual route without explicitly planning any trajectory. Real experiment results illustrate the validity of the presented framework.

- Consortium members : Wany Robotics (France), Lirmm-CNRS (France), Lasmea-UBP (France), CEA (France), Orange (France).


Robotics Research and Development


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