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Robot vacuum cleaners

Robotic solutions for house cleaning

Advanced robotics features, with short time to market !!

Wany is developing new tools and technologies dedicated to revolutionary applications for the third generation of vacuum cleaners.
Come join us and take your market share!

Efficient performance evaluation software

Our team noticed that no solutions were existing for the evaluation of autonomous vacuum cleaners. Starting from this observation, our software engineers developed TraceViewer™, strong, scalable and efficient software for measuring autonomous system performance, especially robotic vacuum cleaners.

Advanced technologies

Wany Robotics provide turn-key solutions including hard & software for robotic vacuum cleaners. Wany is able to provide the best features and the most advanced robotic navigation performance (efficient path, dynamic mapping..). Wany technologies are available at a very low material cost per unit.

Wany’s know-how includes :

Data fusion

Wany Robotics brings you its great experience in data fusion. This technology reduces the cost of goods by maximizing the performance of each part of a robotic system. Data fusion avoids electronics redundance, provides better, faster and more efficient floor coverage and reduced power consumption.

Low B.O.M.

Data fusion allows low processing and low memory requirements. Efficient path planning allows low power consumption. Standardized inter-device communication (docking station <> vacuum <> virtual wall <> remote control) using the same IR multitasking telemeters reduces the number of electronics components. In addition, Wany has the lowest cost sensors on the market!!!. It’s why Wany is the most competitive provider of mobile robotics technologies for mass market home devices.

Short time to market

Wany services guarantee short time to market, results, performance and product competitiveness.
Wany services are lowering the technological risk of your projects. Wany patented its innovative solutions to protect its partners and provide them with a clear advantage over competition. Working with Wany Robotics saves time and investment in R&D.

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