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Efficient zone coverage

Efficient zone coverage applied to housecleaning robots

Wany Robotics combines sensor and location technologies, mapping, odometer correction, data fusion and optimized path calculation to provide house cleaning robots with better, faster and more efficient floor coverage.

The embedded energy saved can be used for better suction and vacuuming performance. Most importantly, our efficient navigation and coverage algorithms reassure the users that their robot has done a good and systematic cleaning, like they would do themselves. Thanks to the multi level mapping the robot doesn’t forget any area and stops once the job is done.

Video 1 : Efficient room coverage

This video demonstrates Wany’s algorithm embedded in a vaccum cleaner.
(8,2 Mo, 1’12”)





Video 2 : Efficient room coverage

This video shows sequences off Wany’s cleaning algorithm embedded in a vaccum cleaner.
(8,2 Mo, 1’12”)






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