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TraceViewer™ Software

Measuring Robotics Vacuum Cleaner Surface Coverage and Performance

Our team noticed that no solutions were existing for the evaluation of autonomous vacuum cleaners. Starting from this observation, our software engineers developed TraceViewer™, strong, scalable and efficient software for measuring autonomous system performance, especially robotic vacuum cleaners.

TraceViewer™ Overview

TraceViewer™ dramatically simplifies the way autonomous systems performance is measured and compared. It consists in a real time software that uses one or several cameras and a vision algorithm that evaluates the vacuum cleaner path.

TraceViewer™ determines surface coverage, speed capabilities, efficiency and coverage redundancy. All these metrics measured over time are saved and available for analysis in a PDF report or a data file. The captured videos, showing the robot trajectory over time are also available for further playback or demonstrations.

TraceViewer™ Features:

1. TraceViewer™ is very simple to install and operate in many environments. Just place the cameras... and you are ready for the testing session. The software runs the auto-calibration routine for setting the cameras intrinsic parameters and metrics system. No fine tuning needed.

2. While the vacuum cleaner runs, the biologic vision inspired processes the video and shows real time data such as dynamic 2D map, trajectory, instant speed, task completion,... etc. This algorithm is shape, light and colour independent.

3. Once the test session ends, TraceViewer™ generate a full analysis reports and the videos are saved for further use or comparison with other systems. All these metrics measured over time are aggregated in a CVS file making them available for further analysis.

Video Demonstration of TraceViewer™ (Duration: 2'20")
View TraceViewer™'s Interface
  • Highly scalable testing system
  • Auto calibration
  • Advanced vision algorithm
  • Automatic process
  • 2D map Generation
  • Instant trajectory viewer
  • Coverage Redundancy analysis
  • Video recording
  • PDF report generation
  • Multi-camera support

  • Technical requirements
  • PC x86 Windows XP or higher
  • 1GB RAM
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • 2 or more networked cameras

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    To get more details on TraceViewer™ and its features

    +33 4 67 99 58 08 (France) +852 2104 7211 (Hong Kong)


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