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IR8s Infrared Distance Measurement

A complete distance measurement system
Wany Robotics distance measurement toolkit

Now you can use infrared to integrate distance measurement functionality in your own projects, devices, and prototypes.

With its eight infrared sensors, the Wany IR8s gives you an easy way to integrate distance measurement ability in your own research, educational, or robot prototyping projects.

Infrared distance measurement in robotic productsThe IR8s has a standard serial port so you can connect to your host machine, whether it's an operational mobile robot or a development PC. You also get Windows® software that shows you what the sensors see and lets you adjust sensor range and sensitivity.

  • Ideal for embedded software applications, devices, and experiments
  • Proof of concept prototyping
  • Complete with infrared sensors and advanced viewing software
  • Click here detailed
    electronic specifications


Wany Robotics distance measurement toolkit
  • Patented high-performance infrared distance measurement technology (as used in the Pekee robot, robot vacuum cleaners, and interactive toys)
  • Sensor-view display software for PC
  • Micro-controller card, command interpreter, SDK, and source code for using PC as remote host
  • 8 infrared sensors, and connector cables
  • Communicates via standard serial port
  • Software adjustable precision and range (from 5 cm to 3 meters)
  • Simultaneous reading on all sensors
  • Insensitive to sunlight or external heat
  • Detailed electronic specifications


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