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Take you projects even further with Wany accessories to expand your Pekee robot to meet you own special needs.
Vision and video processing

The Pekee robot is built around an expandable architecture that allows users to install up to three additional controller cards. Accessory cartridges can be plugged right into the Pekee motherboard’s patented Open Parallel Platform™ (OPP) bus, which guarantees efficient simultaneous operation of plug-in cartridges, as well as inter-cartridge communications.

Embedded PC cartridge with color video camera
  • Complete Intel® x86 embedded PC
  • Daughterboard cartridge with embedded PC (STPC technology)
  • 75 MHz x86 microprocessor
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • 128 MB compact flash
  • Standard PC connectors:
  • PS/2 (keyboard & mouse), Ethernet, 2 x USB (v 1.1), IDE, SVGA
  • OPP bus interface
  • Energy pack and power supply connector
  • Color video camera (640 x 480)

Vision and video processing

Embedded PC cartridge (without camera)


  • Same as above, but without color video camera
Wireless (802.11) connections
Wi-Fi wireless cartridge (802.11)
  • Remote control the Pekee robot and stream data and video directly to a computer in real-time
  • 802.11b Wireless Ethernet
  • Connects right to adjacent embedded PC cartridge)
  • Draws power from OPP bus
  Wireless (802.11) connections
Prototype Development Boards
  • Create your own custom plug-in cartridges
  • Design and test your own electronic inventions with these OPP bus compatible wrapping cards
  • OPP interface with standard Address/Data bus (16-bit read, write, chip select)
  • Supports standard electronic components and micro-controllers
Robot prototyping tools

Pekee Expert Programming Kit
  • Reprogram the Pekee motherboard's Mitsubishi micro-controller
  • Programming card
  • Serial cable
  • Flash application (updates, direct access to M16C)
  • Mitsubishi M16 compiler (4 month evaluation version)

* For Pekee robots earlier than version 1.8 please contact our sales team to inquire about upgrades.


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