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Management Team

Erwann Lavarec

Co-fonder, CEO and CTO

A recognized leader in the field of robotics, Erwann Lavarec cofounded Wany Robotics in 2000 and is today responsible for overseeing strategic development and day-to-day operations.

Prior to establishing Wany Robotics, Erwann created Wany Engineering in 1999, the predecessor to Wany Robotics. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Erwann had a distinguished career at the Montpellier (France) Laboratory of Robotics, Computer Science, and Micro-electronics (LIRMM,, where, in 1994, he met and began working with the core team of robotic and electronics experts that make up Wany Robotics today. As both a researcher and an instructor, Erwann taught robotics, electronics, and computer science for five years at the University of Montpellier (II) and the Electronics Department of the Montpellier University Institute of Technology (IUT). He also participated regularly in special projects at the Montpellier Institute of Engineering Sciences (ISIM,

Erwann earned his Ph.D. in Robotics from the LIRMM/University of Montpelier, and currently holds several patents for various robotics hardware and software technologies. He is active in scientific organizations, serving as executive president of the WACIF national scientific consortium, whose objective is to develop robotic technologies for home surveillance, and promoting the creation of pan-European programs for applied robotics research.

Laurent Tremel

Co-founder, Chief Roboticist

Laurent Tremel co-founded Wany Robotics with Erwann Lavarec in early 2000, following their joint research and advanced design work on new robotic technologies. Laurent is specialized in robotic engineering, low-level electronics, system architecture, and design. As head of R & D, he is responsible for Wany's electronics group and product and licensing specifications.

Before founding Wany Robotics, Laurent worked with Erwann Lavarec at the Montpellier Laboratory of Robotics, Computer Science, and Micro-electronics (LIRMM). He has also worked as an electronics engineer, implementing low-level electronics for a circuit-board manufacturer.

Laurent holds a Master's in Engineering from the LIRMM/University of Montpellier. He is co-holder of several Wany patents, and is notably responsible for developing Wany's infrared hardware and software solutions.

Ludovic Depoid

General Manager, Asia-Pacific

Based at Wany Robotics’ Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, Ludovic Depoid is responsible for regional operations, including sales and marketing, and building client support resources. Ludovic has extensive international experience, and has worked in the Asia Pacific region for the past twelve years.

Ludovic joins Wany from a Hong Kong based software development house and consultancy specializing in telecommunications applications, electonics, and embedded software. There he was General Manager in charge of operations and major accounts and carriers throughout Asia. Ludovic has held various director positions in marketing and sales for large multinationals in Asia.

Ludovic has a master's degree in International Business from ISUGA (Europe Asia Management Institute).


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