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Robotic technology licensing
for consumer electronics manufacturers

Deliver exciting new products enhanced with robotic features

Robotics technologies are no longer just for science fiction cinema, they are literally redefining home electronics today. Combining computer science and real-world practicality, robotic applications range from automated vacuum cleaners and interactive toys today, to connected intelligent devices and personal service companions tomorrow.

In a highly competitive consumer electronics market, robotics technologies represent a tremendous opportunity for you, as a manufacturer, to differentiate your products.

Robotic technologies will change the way your products behave

Now Wany Robotics, leading creator of innovative low-footprint solutions and custom adaptations of robotics technologies, is offering you the technology integration services that will give your company the competitive advantage.

By working with Wany Robotics you will benefit from:

  • Cutting-edge robotics solutions to animate your consumer products with autonomy and mobility features
  • Embedded software solutions that don’t require expensive host hardware, processors, or storage capacity
  • Turn-key integration services including hardware and electronic prototyping, proof-of-concept development
  • More time for you to concentrate on your own field of expertise
  • Faster time to market with products that are more attractive to customers
  • Improved perception of your company as an innovative high-tech supplier
  • The least expensive way for you to use new technologies without acquiring specialist knowledge

The worldwide market for robotics, and for products enhanced with robotics technologies, is going to skyrocket over the next few years.

Don’t miss this chance to be one of the manufacturers who makes it happen.


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