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Robotic Software Lab 2.0

Perfect for teaching and research, Wany's Robotic Software Lab lets you use your PC to build and test entire robots, experiment with them in virtual 3-D worlds, and upload new applications right to your Pekee robot.

Explore robotics from every angle

Wany's Robotic Software Lab is a powerful visual software toolkit that lets you design, develop, and test entire robot systems virtually, right on your PC. This Windows-based development and simulation environment is perfect for writing and experimenting with new applications, algorithms, and even engineering principles, without the need for costly hardware development.

The Robotic Software Lab includes pre-modeled robots to help you get started or you can make your own.

Robotics software development

Not only can you simulate all aspects of hardware design, but you can create your own virtual Pekee environment and test your applications in the robot’s virtual 3-D world on your PC. The real-time simulator shows the results from every point of view - electronic, physical, and behavioral. Once you are satisfied with performance in the simulated world, simply upload the application code to your Pekee to view fully operational results in live action.

General features
  • Includes tools to edit, create, and simulate robots
  • Write and test your own applications on real and/or simulated robots
  • 3-D world editor and simulator
  • Graphic signal, status, and 3-D motion display
  • Workgroup functionality
  • Matlab, Microsoft Visual C++ compatible
  • When you buy the SDK you can join our Member community and benefit from discussion groups, application sharing, etc.


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