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Applied Infrared Technologies

Building autonomous navigation into mobile appliances

Wany’s infrared solutions offer excellent results enble distance measurement and communications from a few centimeters to several meters at the lowest per-unit production cost

In order to navigate effectively and accomplish specific tasks on their own, autonomous mobile products need to be able to determine their location with respect to their surroundings, and adapt their trajectory accordingly at any time.

Navigation solutions therefore depend heavily on continuous measurements of distance between the unit and obstacles around it, even when those obstacles themselves are moving!

Wany offers distance measurement solutions that can be used with many different types of sensors -- and combinations of different kinds of sensors -- including infrared, ultrasound, video, bumpers, and gyrometers. Wany’s distance measurement algorithms have been implemented in a variety of different kinds of consumer devices, and can be adapted easily to meet your needs.


Use low-cost infrared solutions without sacrificing performance

Infrared sensors are one of several key technologies for adding robotic functionality to household and professional devices. In fact IR has many applications, including distance measurement in mobile appliances, inter-device communications, and even multi-player remote controls for toys.

Wany’s innovative solutions give high-performance results using the lowest cost infrared sensors available. Not only that, but they overcome some of the basic weaknesses of traditional IR implementations, such as distance limitations, interference from sunlight, and being able to use several infrared-based controllers in the same room. For example, our solutions are used for:

  • Mobile home appliances, personal robots, toys, educational games
  • Navigation, mapping, and obstacle avoidance features
  • Devices that recharge themselves in docking stations automatically
  • Data communications between devices
  • Multi-player IR remote controls

Wany’s Robotics’ shock resistant sensors offer small size, low power consumption, and software software-adjustable range, making them ideal for mass-market products with very low cost-of-goods (COGs).

Other available technologies :

Using robotics in devices with a very low BOM

Embedded robotics solutions give you
advanced functionality even on the
smallest, lowest cost devices.


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