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Use embedded robotic solutions in your products today

Use embedded robotic solutions in your products today
Embedded robotic software and hardware solutions for OEMs

From interactive toys to robotized home appliances, consumer products can benefit from robotics solutions without hurting your bottom line.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how useful it will be to see your products actually running Wany Robotics solutions. Wany’s prototyping and integration team is ready to provide you with functional proof-of-concept models that use our robotic technologies to improve and differentiate your products.

Wany Robotics can work on your design from scratch or integrate new solutions into your existing plastics and mechanics.

By making it possible to include advanced technical features in traditional objects such as robot vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, interactive toys, and household appliances, Wany Robotics low-footprint solutions will help you create easy-to-use products with more intelligence than ever, and at a price point that is appropriate for penetrating vast consumer markets. Embedded robotic software and hardware solutions for OEMs


Enter into a win-win partnership with a proven leader

Wany Robotics offers all the expertise you need to build compelling consumer devices using robotics, from mobile and automated home appliances to educational toys and beyond. As a Wany Robotics customer you will get access to cutting-edge robotic solutions, direct personal attention from our engineering, integration, and support teams, and an ongoing relationship to ensure the long-term success of our cooperation. This will help give you a competitive advantage today and keep your products at the forefront of quickly evolving and highly competitive markets to come.

From a technical standpoint, Wany Robotics solutions can help you create products that offer:

  • Mobility and autonomous navigation features
  • Obstacle avoidance, dynamic mapping, and path planning
  • Artificial intelligence, learning ability, human interaction
  • Vision and video processing ability
  • Local and long-range remote control
  • Innovative uses of low-cost infrared technologies

These solutions can be used in consumer electronics products whose variety is only limited by our collective imaginations. Wany Robotics will also work with you to provide new solutions to meet your specific needs.

Robotics solutions bring improvements
to existing products and expand the possibilities for exciting new concepts.


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