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What's new in
Maëva 2004?

Maëva 2004

Robotic application development toolkit

Maëva 2004 is the latest evolution in mechatronic application development tools from Wany Robotics. This flexible toolkit will make it easier than ever before to write and test custom behavior control software for your own products and projects.

Of course, Maëva 2004 continues to support development using the Wany Robotics Pekee mobile robot. It also includes Wany's new Robotic Software Lab 2.0. In addition to that, the software architecture has been redesigned to make your development and testing even more practical than ever.

Pekee Pack with Maëva 2004

Maëva 2004 together with Pekee development platform offer a variety of hardware and software tools that complement each other to provide you with a completely open and customizable system. Now with the Pekee Pack you get:

Pekee™ mobile robot
The main hardware of the robotic development kit is the Pekee robot. It is a fully autonomous and programmable system, with expandable architecture based on Wany’s Open Parallel Platform™ bus (OPP). At the heart of the Pekee there is a Mitsubishi micro-controller that executes the Pekee firmware, primarily handling sensor information and control of the OPP bus. The Pekee robot includes an embedded PC cartridge with a video camera and a Wi-Fi cartridge for remote control and data streaming.

Robotic Software Lab™ 2.0
The Robotic Software Lab is a complete software development environment for writing, testing, and simulating applications and robot behavior on your desktop PC before uploading them to a real robot.

Video development kit
Allows you to capture and manipulate video data from your Pekee’s video camera.

Wany Robotics Oxygen Libraries
Some of the core features of Wany's development tools have been rearchitected to make programming easier. These new function libraries let your applications communicate with your simulated and real robots without having to deal with details of the communication system:

  • Remote mode makes it possible for C language micro-controller programs to run inside the robot's real microcontroller as well as on your desktop or laptop computer. This saves you time when testing your applications since you don't have to reflash the microcontroller every time you want to test your application.
  • High-level C++ programs can also run on your Pekee's PC cartridge or on your desktop or laptop computer remote mode.
  • Both microcontroller or libRobotPekee based programs are fully compatible with simulated robots in the Robotic Software Lab.

Wany Flasher tools
This software lets you reprogram the Pekee microcontroller’s flash memory (a.k.a. Pekee firmware). It includes Wany Flash Tool software and also lets you modify OPP function keys. This kit contains a trial version of the Mitsubishi tools (compiler, linker, project organizer).

OPP Prototyping boards
Sold separately, these customizable plug-in cards include the electronic components to interface with the Pekee OPP bus, making it easy to develop your own OPP bus-enabled applications and custom electronic solutions.

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