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Innovative Technology Solutions

Obstacle avoidance for mobile devices

Wany's embedded software solutions let you include obstacle avoidance ability various types of mobile systems, from toys to appliances to sophisticated autonomous robots.

The term obstacle avoidance describes a set of software techniques that allow mobile machines, such as housecleaning appliances and other types of robots, to adjust their trajectory according to their surroundings. Used in conjunction with distance measurement and motor control solutions, Wany’s software gives autonomous products the reflexes to handle obstacles intelligently, even when those obstacles are in motion themselves.

  • Wany’s obstacle avoidance algorithms help enable mobile machines and robots to navigate intelligently on their own
  • Software modules are abstract from the hardware that gathers distance measurement data
  • Solutions are adapted to meet target system requirements and are scalable for use in any kind of mobile device

Particularly effective when used in conjunction with Wany’s low-cost Infrareddistance measurement sensors, Wany’s obstacle avoidance software technologies ensure our ability to integrate high-performance mobile autonomy in products with rock-bottom cost of materials.

Our software solutions offer an extremely low memory footprint and are totally independent of the sensor hardware used in any particular device. This means that we can scale our solutions down to meet the requirements of systems with even the most severe processing and storage constraints, or add higher precision using more sophisticated hardware in higher-end devices.

Wany’s obstacle avoidance solutions are used incombination with dynamic mapping, trajectory planning, and other specific navigation controls


Key features
  • Obstacle avoidance technology gives mobile machines and robots life-like reflexes and allows them to navigate intelligently
  • Software is hardware independent (supports any environment sensor technology, including infrared, ultrasound, and video)
  • Solutions are adapted to requirements of the target system, and are completely scalable for use in any kind of mobile device
  • Supports systems with as little as 1 KB RAM and ROM
  • Scalable upwards from 8-bit, 4 MHz processors


What are some uses

Obstacle avoidance is a key feature in any kind of robot, household appliance, PC peripheral, or toy that needs to move around autonomously, including:

  • Vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers
  • Toys cars, boats, tanks, animated animals
  • Remote Web cameras, surveillance robots
  • Personal robot assistants
  • Vehicle security and advanced personal warning systems


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