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Company Profile and History


Following cooperative research efforts by Wany Robotics’ founders dating back to 1994, the company was created in 2000 with the goal of providing technologies to promote the widespread adoption of robotics in consumer goods. Today, Wany Robotics offers a complete line of technology solutions to brand name electronics manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs in diverse markets such as entertainment, home appliances, and PC peripherals.

Wany Robotics solutions represent a low-risk and cost effective way for manufacturers to deliver innovative products quickly. Recognized internationally for its innovations, and with a growing portfolio of industry-leading partners, Wany Robotics meets the needs of manufacturers by providing embedded software solutions that respect the system and cost constraints required for mass-production.

Key technologies from Wany Robotics include: patented methods for using infrared sensors to replace other, more expensive, types of sensors; efficient navigation algorithms for self-running vacuum cleaners; artificial intelligence enhanced with genetic algorithms, learning ability, and human interaction; and vision and video processing. These solutions, and others, are used to enhance a wide variety of household products with unprecedented features.

With strong connections to leading R & D and educational institutions, as well as a leading role in several international research projects and consortiums, Wany Robotics’ engineers are constantly growing the pool of solutions available to clients. The company’s success in the high-growth consumer robotics market has helped transform the company from an ambitious startup to an international leader in its field.



Founded in 2000 by robotics experts Erwann Lavarec, Laurent Tremel, Emmanuel Matéo, and François Pierrot, Wany Robotics is the fruit of over 6 years of design research, teamwork, and development efforts. Prior to opening the doors at Wany, Erwann and Laurent worked together to build the foundation of key technologies and implementations to serve as a framework for future projects. Their early work focused on creating the technologies for producing modular and autonomous robots

After their spin-off from the LIRMM (Montpellier Laboratory of Robotics, Computer Science, and Micro-electronics), Wany's founders concentrated on building a team of qualified roboticists, engineers, and mechatricians, creating the current product line-up and embedded robotic technologies, and filing the necessary patents to pursue Wany's licensing services and distribution channel.

Their efforts were acknowledged when, two years in a row, the Wany Robotics team won the prestigious Creation of Technologically Innovative Companies contest - first in the emerging technologies category, then the creation and development category - sponsored by ANVAR and the Ministry of Education and Research, recognizing France’s most innovative technology start-ups.

Wany Robotics is a privately held company.



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