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Pekee Mobile Robot Platform



Robotics in action - PekeeII mobile platform PekeeII takes advantage of our experience in both mechanical and electronic engineering. With its modular concept, you'll generate the Pekee solution that fits your exact requirements and enjoy of an out-of-the-box fully operational customised robot.
PekeeII robotics platform features a state-of-the-art robot with a full set of sensors and an embedded PC in a very compact form factor (diameter:387mm, maximum height: 223mm).
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Robotics in action - design your own behaviors The Pekee robot is designed around a completely open architecture that provides total flexibility for your robotic application testing and development. Its built-in infrared, temperature, and light sensors, odometers, shock detector, and gyrometers ensure that you can monitor critical elements in the robot’s environment at all times. The Pekee platform lets you pursue your own projects at all levels, from trajectory planning to real-time programming in consumer prodcuts such as robotic vacuum cleaners and interactive toys.
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