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Innovative Technology Solutions

Differentiate your products with embedded robotics

Wany designs and develops robotic technologies that give
unprecedented mobility and autonomy to small- and medium-robotized consumer appliances and devices.

Wany Robotics offers a complete line of embedded technologies for creating next-generation consumer products, home appliances, and interactive toys enhanced with robotic functionality.

These tried-and-tested solutions give your products unprecedented autonomy and interactivity. All Wany Robotics solutions give you great performance at a low per-unit cost of production.


Applications for the real world

While there is no real limit to the uses of robotics, some of the more common consumer goods to benefit from robotics ability today include:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers
  • Interactive toys, vehicles, and animals
  • Mobile web cameras, surveillance robots
  • Vehicle security and advanced personal warning systems
  • Personal, companion, and educational robots

Our goal is to introduce robotics functionality into products without significantly increasing the final cost to consumers. From game rules to vacuuming, Wany Robotics will integrate specific behaviors to make your product a success.

Behavior control solutions for autonomous household products

Wany Robotics specializes in creating robotic solutions that allow products to run on their own, interacting intelligently with their environment and human users to accomplish the tasks for which they are designed. Some our turn-key technology solutions include:

Contact our licensing specialists for more information on Wany Robotics services and technologies.


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