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WinClean project

R&D project co-funded by the ANVAR and the European Union

Making technology available for everyone and developing robots for the real life has always been the main goal of Wany Robotics.

A R&D commitment for affordable home robots

As a pioneering European investigator in the areas related to the robotics home appliance, Wany Robotics received a joint funding by the ANVAR and the European Union to carry out R&D activities aiming to develop a sub $60 public price autonomous windows cleaning robot.


Project support and co-funding
Projects requirements and challenges:


WinClean is a robotic home appliance able to perform windows cleaning tasks on small and medium areas. As it is targeting the consumer market it is quickly up and working, simple to use without any setup or specific attention. In addition, WinClean must work autonomously without any wire.


  • The mechanical construction: WinClean is a mobile base equipped with batteries, sensors, electronics parts and cleaning devices. The challenge was to design a mechanical chassis able to clean an entire window, typically rectangular shaped, without letting any trace.

  • Electronic design: The products requirements in terms of performance and cost lead to the investigation of several electronic architectures, especially regarding inclination and localisation sensors, but also regarding the locomotion, the power efficiency and the weight of the robot.

  • Software development: The embedded software controlling WinClean is also a challenge. Researches carried by Wany Robotics lead to the implementation of complex algorithms inside small microcontrollers, in order to keep the manufacturing costs as low as possible.

Project status:

WinClean is an active R&D project and the ANVAR and FEDER funding allowed Wany Robotics to initiate technical choices and leverage on them to develop fully functional electronic boards demonstrating an ability to achieve the requirements, keeping a low Bill of Material (BOM).

As progresses as made on microcontroller and other electronic parts, Wany Robotics keeps updading it design for an autonomous windows cleaning robot, improving its performance for a given cost.


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